The Belleville Reserve Police team is a  community-based cadre of uniformed and trained volunteers.
Our team has all attended a college-accredited Reserve Academy which allows them to work in conjunction with full-time Officer personnel in the City of Belleville, Michigan and support teams in the surrounding area. 

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The Belleville Reserve Police unit is a team of the Belleville Police Department that provides the community with citizen volunteers which support the safety of the community by assisting in festivals, city and school activities, patrol and special events.  These volunteers devote their time money to attend the police academy, train and purchase all their own required equipment. 

Why Donate:

  1. You will not find a charity that more directly impacts the safety of our community.

  2. There is no tax payer budget for this group.  These men and women buy all their own uniforms, equipment and gear.

  3. Police not only enforce not just laws but provide a presence of safety in our city.

  4. The average cost for a Reserve Police Officer is upwards of $5,000 between the academy costs, duty gear, uniforms, continued training, etc.

  5. The Reserve Police Officers put their life on the line every day and can/are called to all kinds of requests from domestic dispute, to chasing criminals running, traffic stops, etc.

  6. The criminal sophistication is always evolving. The cost of base and updated equipment for protection and utilization gets more expensive each year.

  7. There is no union which provides life insurance for these officers.  Any life or protective insurance has to be paid for by the individual officer themselves.

  8. They are a part of our community first responders and in the event of a horrific situation, they will be leaving their paying jobs and families to support our community.

  9. Donating money to help a group that directly impacts the safety of your community, immediately provides impact to you and your family.

  10. As always, your donation is tax deductible.  

100% of your generous financial assistance goes to help these officers ensure they have needed items like bullet proof vests, rain and winter coats, radio equipment, vehicle maintenance and software, flashlights, reflective vests and additional training.  Please support our community by making a tax deductible donation to  the Belleville Reserve Police You can send your support by mail to: Belleville Reserve Police Department, Attn:  Officer Trombley, 6 Main Street, Belleville, Michigan 48111.

@ 2020 Belleville Reserve Police Unit


Since our reserve officers perform the same duties as career police officers, reserve officer applicants must satisfy similar hiring and selection requirements as career officer applicants. All recruits are required to successfully pass Personal Accountability and Training Requirements listed below.

Personal Accountability Requirements

  • Be at least 20 years of age at the time of application and 21 years of age prior to graduating from the academy.

  • Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. equivalency.

  • Be in sound physical and mental health.

  • Have not been dishonorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces.

  • Valid driver's license that is not cancelled, refused, suspended or revoked.

  • Good traffic record.

  • No commission or conviction of a felony. All Misdemeanor arrests are discretionary.

  • Must have good moral character and personal integrity.

  • No poor employment or irresponsible financial history.

  • Be able to work 12 hours a month.

  • Be able to cover all uniform and equipment costs. 


Training Requirements

  • Six-month Reserve Police Officer Academy in accordance with Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards 

  • Taser Certification  

  • Quarterly Firearm Qualifications

  • Quarterly Subject Control Training

  • Radio Handler Training

  • Traffic Stop Training

  • Other as assigned

If you are interested, please stop by the department at 6 Main Street, Belleville Michigan for an application.  


@ 2020 Belleville Reserve Police Unit

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